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Go on - Be Creative - Make your own Bushcraft Knife!

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Be inspired, make a knife you will be proud to use for decades to come.

Using pre-hardened damascus

Great little knife made by Shane Wells in random damascus that come pre-hardened, and coloured acrylic handle materials. great looking blade shape!

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Paring 90 knife by Riley Burns

Great paring knife made by Riley Burns, the Paring 90 blade with some Australian River Red Gum handle scales and brass pins;

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Lauri Laplander kit by Phillip F

Got this awesome photo today from Phillip F from his completed Lauri Laplander kit.Love the curly birch and antler handle!

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Heat Treating W2 Steel for a Hamon

Heat Treat Recipe for Hamon using W2Recipe copied from, post by Shawn McIntyre, original text from John White.Only work I have done is convert from Fahrenheit to Celcius and add a summary for clarity.Summary: How to get a hamonCreating a hamon consists of missing the heat treat so elegantly that the blade hardens and [...]

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Stainless Steel Damascus custom made blade

How cool is this stainless steel damascus blade made by Troy H!Pre-hardened damascus ready to grind to shape, then etched for dramatic effect.Beautiful work, Troy.

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Acrylic blocks for a colourful handle

Got some photos this week from both Brett M and PJ Hunt, each took a piece of Icy Blue Acrylic and did something special with it.PJ Hunt used it to make a great kitchen paring knife, a Japanese stainless steel damascus blade and the acrylic really stands out;Brett used the same starting handle material but [...]

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Prices up by 10%, having to add GST from 1st of July 2017

From today 1st of July 2017, all prices go up with 10% as we have to start charging tax.Thank you for all your support helping Creative Man grow as a hobby company to a level where we actually had to register for GST!I understand paying 10% more is not a good thing, but the bigger [...]

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Random or "fireball" pattern Stainless Steel Damascus, pre-hardened

Got this great photo from Troy H @ Nowra knives, he made a stick tang knife using the pre-hardened fireball pattern stainless steel damascus. Solid brass guard and Australian hardwood handle. The blade is etched in ferric chloride after grinding to bring the pattern out.The advantage of using pre-hardened damascus is being able to jump [...]

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Don G, great puuko with Ladder pattern stainless damascus steel and alder root

Another great knife in pre-hardened damascus, this one is made by Don G in alder root and Ladder Pattern damascus: Very clean lines, a traditional design that is executed well.

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