1095 Carbon Tool Steel, 3.5 x 40 x 500 mm

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  • 1095 Carbon Tool Steel, 3.5 x 40 x 500 mm


1095 Carbon Tool Steel 3.5 x 40 x 500 mm

1095 knife steel. Manufactured by Bohler-Uddeholm grade UHB20C.

A steel for more advanced makers, chasing hamons.


Uddeholm carbon steel

Equivalent: Aisi 1095

A multi-purpose 1% carbon steel with high tensile strength. It is often the standard choice for the medium and thinner range of various components – e.g. springs, knives and valves.

It is hardened and tempered to a fine martensitic structure providing the highest fatigue strength among all unalloyed steels.

Popular steel for damascus / pattern welded blades in combination with 15N20


C   Si   Mn   P max  S max 
1,0%   0,30%   0,45%   0,015%   0,006%  


Heat treatment: 

Hardening temperature 800C, 1490F

Tempering time 30 minutes.

100C/212F - HRC 67

200C/392F - HRC 63

300C/572F - HRC 57

Forging: .

Annealing if forging:

Stress relieving: 



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