Black Limba Handle Block

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  • Black Limba Handle Block


Black Limba Wood Knife Block

 Limba is a tropical tree from Western Africa, some of the wood has black stripes going through and this is referred to as "Black Limba".

It is prized for its workability, excellent color and finish and is used in furniture, table tennis blades and music instruments, like some top-end Gibson guitars.

The color has varying degrees of brown to black with a tinge of orange streaking, the heartwood may have grey-black streaks.
Black Limba is a close, straight grained timber, sometimes with interlocked or wavy grain producing excellent figure,
with a moderately coarse but even texture. Black Limba also nails, screws and glues well. Also known as Korina, ofram, limba, and akom.

Seems to be pretty rare as a knife handle material, we were unable to find images to show ready made knives in Black Limba.

 The pieces are about 27 x 50 x 120 mm.

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Example of a guitar body in Black Limba Wood;




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