BigMert: Big File Guide, Collaboration with Mert Tansu

BigMert: Big File Guide, Collaboration with Mert Tansu

Mert Tansu is well-known knifemaker of chef knives, located in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Born in Turkey and with a background as an Executive Chef in the US and in Australia, Mert hung up his chef jacket in 2018 to focus full-time on knife making. Based in the Hunter Valley, NSW he offers one-on-one workshops as well as knives for professional chefs and others who appreciate quality tools from

Earlier in the year, Mert approached us to make a custom version of the file guide.

Taking the obsession for perfection he brought from the kitchen to knife making, Mert helped us develop a new, bigger version of the v4. Making it bigger where it matters and keeping a lot of the existing features.

Here it is, the BigMert;

  • Massive 49.5 mm wide body for better control on wide blades
  • Each carbide strip is 20 mm wide, 80 mm long and 3.9 mm thick, at HRC 78
  • Non-magnetic, steel dust does not stick to it
  • Stainless ,will not rust from being dunked during grinding
  • All screws are recessed into the body for easy access on flat platen
  • Accepts up to 70 mm wide blades, up to 40 mm thick blades and guards
  • Guide pins are hardened steel for an even more sturdy construction and less chance of jamming
  • CreativeMan logo on one side and a custom BigMert logo on the other

Get your BigMert here:

Showing the BigMert side-by-side with our Carbide Faced File Guide:

Here is an example of Mert Tansu's work that was on display at the 2019 Sydney Knife Show;

If you want to see more of Mert's work, check out Tansu Knives.

3rd Oct 2019 Bjorn J

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