Exceptional Knife Maker: Henning Wilkinson

Exceptional Knife Maker: Henning Wilkinson

Henning Wilkinson is recognised as a skilled master maker, combining an eye for design with exceptional fit and finish. Presenting his work to collectors and other makers at the 2019 Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, all of Henning's knives but one was sold before the show officially opened to the public (!)

Qualified as a gunsmith and with a passion for knife making, Henning's work displays the artists eye for lines, combined with his distinguished ability to execute technically advanced designs.

Keyhole integrals, pattern mosaic steel and gold inlays are some of the techniques that Henning is using on his work and teaching other expert makers. Henning has been a member of the South African Guild since 2006, now teaching in South Africa as well as taking part in US-based events.

The QMAC club from Ispwich, QLD currently in South Africa on ABS training will attend a custom damascus-making workshop at Henning's studio outside of Pretoria in September 2019.

Keyhole Hunter with forged blade from 52100 with gold maker's mark inlay and spalted beech handle (Photo from 

Own Pattern Damascus Bowie;

Art Folder by Henning Wilkinson:

2nd Sep 2019 Bjorn Jacobsen

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