Forged Chef Knife in a day

Forged Chef Knife in a day

Jamie held a great workshop at Creative Man in Sydney on Sunday.

For the first time we ran a group through the new "Forged Chef Knife" version of the Blacksmith Workshop.

This is a bit more work than the Pizza Cutter/Herb Chopper project but the guys all got through with great looking results!

Starting at 8.30 we had safety briefing, overview of anvil, hammers, tongs and other tools before covering the project process we would follow on the day.

By 9 am we had everyone forging on their blade and by lunch all blades were heat treated! After lunch the guys ground the bevels (sides) of their blades before fitting their selected pre-made handle. A sharpen and a beer later and they could leave the workshop with their individual, hand made chef knife!

Jamie "SausageMan" Bishop even found time to fry up some kransky for the guys!

4th Aug 2020 Bjorn J

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