Good Books for getting into knife making?

Good Books for getting into knife making?

What books to get to improve your knife making?

In Australia we are lucky to have a dedicated book web site for books on forging, knifemaking, damascus and related subject. Check out ForgeBooks here:

Knife making is a hobby with a lot of layers, and as you learn more you might want to read up on certain aspects of the hobby. There are books that are great when starting out to get an overview, and then there are books covering a more limited area but to a higher level.

Some of these books on getting started are; 

(The below are links to Amazon, if in Australia we recommend checking out first.)

The Wayne Goddard book is old now but still a good read, I found. It covers how to get started on a low budget, finding cheap tools, making what you need and explains the concepts of knife making in simple terms. 

Sheath making is another fun part that many makers have a go at, and there are books for those wanting to improve theis skills, for instance the 

  • Making Leather Knife Sheaths, Volume 1 covering a practical intro to sheath making including 4 of their most popular patterns to be scaled for your knife, including both plain and patterned styles.
24th Jun 2020 Bjorn J

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