Heat treating 80CrV2: Recipe

Heat treating 80CrV2: Recipe

Heat treating 80CrV2

80CrV2 is a popular blade steel in Finland, most all of the Lauri, Polar and Laurin and many of the Brisa carbon blades are made in just this steel. It is a steel similar to 1084 with the added Vanadium helping with refined grain size but unlike 1084 this is not a "real" oil-hardenable steel. In small sections like for knife blades a fast oil quench is enough but for larger cross-sections this is a water-quenching steel. We think of 80CrV2 as "1084's angry cousin" where the longer soak time justifies a tough blade.

Heat treating 80CrV2:

  • heat to 830 C (1525 F)
  • hold for 10 mins for "knife blade thickness"
  • Quench in a fast quench oil (not Canola)
  • Temper immediately at 204 C (400 F) for 2 hours, cool in water and temper for another 2 hours
  • approx 60 HRC

Big Thank-you for the heat treatment summary from Dr. Larrin Thomas in "Knife Steel Engineering"

18th Feb 2021 Bjorn J

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