How To Grind A Blade Using A Bevel Jig?

How To Grind A Blade Using A Bevel Jig?

If you have not watched the videos of Green Beetle on Youtube, you are in for a treat!

He is funny, the videos are well put-together and in this one he even shows the Creative Man bevel jig.

It is a good run-through of how he does it and he makes it entertaining to watch.

From our experience with the bevel jig, there are 3 key points fo success:

  1. Expect a learning curve, not perfection on blade 1. Your hand pressure really matters, you need to focus in pushing evenly on both handles to get an even, flat grind line.
  2. Don't be lazy. When flipping the file guide over to do the other side of the blade, don't leave the angle set. Bring the top plate forward again. Start by taking the corner off, then slowly bring the plate up towards you. This again brings the grind line down towards the spine. Give it time also on this side. Then they will match. Don't just keep the angle you ended with on the other side and do it all in one go..
  3. Start with a flat blade. If possible flatten the sides using a disc grinder or on the platen to have flat, parallell sides as much as practically possible.
21st Dec 2020 Bjorn J

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