Knife Making Course - Sydney

Knife Making Course - Sydney

How lucky are we in Sydney to have Eveleigh Works!

Jamie and I recently visited Eveleigh Works while there was a knife making course on.

Here are a couple of photos of the course and the amazing space.

Eveleigh Works is based in Redfern in Sydney, and was a key part of industrial Sydney:

"The largest and most technologically advanced workshop in the southern hemisphere, Eveleigh was opened in 1887 by the NSW government for the maintenance and manufacture of steam locomotives. The two blacksmithing bays inhabited by Eveleigh Works are the only intact operating bays remaining. "

Steam operated. How cool is that!

The space is part blacksmith museum, part working blacksmith shop where Matt and the guys do both artwork and more practical projects, as well as a course centre. 

Check out the web site here, they run courses from 1-day hammer making to full week-long workshops:

Troy Hageman from Nowra Knives is teaching the knife making course:

The guys are hand sanding. Or as Cole B calls it: "The more I rub it, the smaller it gets".

Matt doing something to a perfectly good propane tank.

Jamie heating some kransky on an anvil still hot from me hammering out a very crooked axe. Follow him on Instagram for all the latest sausageman news:

The author trying to get one piece of steel through another. 

If you are in Sydney and get a chance to check out the space, I would highly recommend it. The place is incredible, just walking through gives an idea of the scope of the operation when it was fully operational. Massive steam tanks outside, pipes for the steam to run the massive machinery, 100 (?) anvils scattered around the place, some you would need a forklift to budge, and the opportunity to do some blacksmithing, knife making or metal artwork in Sydney city is pretty amazing.

Matt waiving goodbye as the sun sets on another beautiful day at Eveleigh Works. 

12th Jul 2019 Bjorn J

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