List of Prizes for Knife Awards 2020

List of Prizes for Knife Awards 2020

* Australian Beginner Knife Making Group is running the Knife Making Awards 2020 competition online only between May 20th and May 30th 2020 for makers in Australia and New Zealand.  The below is a summary of the prizes only, for full details join the group:


Custom made trophies to Top 3 in all categories.

Prizes: Top 3 in all categories

Best Knife From Kit:

  1. $200 Gift Certificate from Creative Man
  2. Uncle Bjorn's Handle Finish
  3. NTBOBFW Set of Stickers - Dar Lu

Best Beginner Chef Knife:

  1. Knifeprint Editor licence - knife design software sponsored by
  2. $100 Gift Certificate -
  3. Makers Mark Etching Stencils -sponsored by

Best Beginner Outdoor Knife:

  1. Pro Photoshoot and feature in magazine - sponsored by Australian Knife Magazine
  2. Knifeprint Editor licence - knife design software sponsored by
  3. Dusty Road Coffee Beans & Toby Fire And Steel Handle Block combo

Best In Show - Open Category:

  1. Table paid for at any KAA knife show - sponsored by
  2. Knifeprint Editor licence - knife design software from
  3. Dusty Road Coffee Beans & Toby Fire And Steel Handle Block combo

Best Fully Forged Knife - Open Category:

  1. Swage block - sponsored by Anyang Australia
  2. Blacksmith leather apron -
  3. Dusty Road Coffee Beans & Toby Fire And Steel Handle Block combo

A massive Thank You to all our sponsors contributing prizes and time to help out with the awards!
As well as to the Australian Knifemakers Guild for providing their support and guidance with judging!

• Best Knife From Kit
• Best Beginner Chef Knife
• Best Beginner Outdoor Knife
• Best in Show – Open Category
• Best Fully Forged Knife - Open Category

Knife Making Awards 2020:
• Entries close 30th of May 2020 (and open the 20th)
• Knife must be completed in May 2020
• You must be able to provide photos showing details of your knife when entering
• You must self-assess if you are in the Beginner or Open categories
• One entry per person, choose one Category only

•Entries for members of Australian Beginner Knife Making Group only, join group on Facebook here if not a member: ABKMG
• Entry is free
o Entries are for makers in Australia and New Zealand only
• The judging will be based on what can be seen in the photos only but if you want to self-assess in more detail, find the Australian Knife Makers Guild online, and review the judging sheet for membership.
• To enter in the “Beginner” Categories, you must
o Never have exhibited at a Knife Show
o Not be a FULL member of the AKG
o Entries open 20th of May 2020 and close 30th of May 2020: Full details will come on the Facebook group about how to enter. (there is a link to the Google Form to enter in the group announcement section)

All judging will be done by the Australian Knifemakers Guild based on photos and information provided as part of the submissions the days following the competion closing May 30th.

• Winners will be announced on the Facebook Group in early June 2020
• Trophy to Top 3 in each Category
• Prizes for Top 3 in each Category, these are listed above.

More detail on the categories;

Best in Show – Open Category:
o Anything goes, WOW the judges
o Any experience level, any type of fixed blade knife or sword with any blade length in any material that can hold an edge enough to cleanly slice paper.
o First Prize: Creative Man will pay for your table at a KAA show of your choosing.

Best Fully Forged Knife
o Can be ground "somewhat" to clean up profile, grind bevels and shape tip but the expectation is that this is a knife that was fully forged to shape with no added handle materials. The handle is also made of steel, like a herb chopper/viking knife or just a fulltang knife in all steel.

Best Knife From Kit:
o Knife from a completed blade that you made the handle for. This will be about fit and finish, dimensions, matching materials and colours into something the judges wish they could pick up for a closer look. Extra points for complexity in construction.

Best Beginner Chef and Outdoor Knife:
o All components and processes done by you, heat treatment not included. The knives will be judged by photos alone like the other categories but with the AKG entry criteria especially in mind (hint hint)

So get cracking! Prepare a project and start thinking of what category you want to enter.
If you wish you had heard of this when the rest of the facebook group did, join now to get in earlier on the action next time..
Bjorn & the Creative Man team 

22nd May 2020 Bjorn J

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