Nessmuk Kit by Derek W with top-draw sheath

Nessmuk Kit by Derek W with top-draw sheath

Derek W shared some photos with us this week of his last completed project.

Nessmuk was the pen name of George W Sears who in the 1880 was writing articles about travelling light, enjoying the outdoors and being a solo "tourist" while the norm was to go in bigger groups with guides and heavy equipment in his area of the USA. His book is loved by bushcrafters and others who enjoy sleeping out and has a wood carving of his pen knife, his custom made belt knife (that we today call the Nessmuk knife) and his double-edged small hatchet. 

This is Brisa's take on the Nessmuk blade in 80CrV2 carbon steel and Derek has chosen North Queensland Ironwood for the scales. This is a functional, strong knife and well executed but what really caught my eye was the sheath!

Derek has made a "out the front" or top-draw sheath in thick ox leather for left handed belt carry. This is a unique design where the sheath is open in the front top half, for ease of unsheathing.

26th Mar 2020 Bjorn J

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