New version of the Bevel Jig

New version of the Bevel Jig

Bevel Jig for fast, repeatable results 

The bevel jig is back in stock and this version has a couple of minor upgrades:

  • harder bottom plate in Teflon, harder to scratch and less friction
  • optional second tension arm to take up any slack in the hinges

At Creative Man we believe the bevel jig we offer is one of the best on the market; all stainless steel so will not rust or stick to metal dust, incorporates our Carbide Faced File Guide for matching plunge lines and with strong, accurate angle adjustments in a comfortable package.

But as any product it can always get better, and from conversations with knife makers both here in Australia and overseas, we have included the below improvements.

1: Harder bottom plate for less scratches

The new bottom plate is made from Teflon (PTFE) which resists most chemicals, has low friction and can withstand high temperatures.  The back corners above the handles are also rounded for a comfortable fit.

2: Optional second tension rod.

Some knife makers were not comfortable with the hinges having some play. In use this is not affecting the grinding but we took this onboard and have now included a second tension arm. This is a threaded rod sitting under the angle adjustment rod. By first setting the angle using the top rod and then pushing the lower row all the way in, until it touches the bevel plate, this creates an even stronger lock than before.

As before we recommend grinding one side of the blade first, and then when flipping the blade over, adjust the angle plate forward again to give yourself some slack. Don't just keep the angle as it was and try to grind the entire bevel in one go but angle the plate forward. Start by breaking the corner on the blade again, grind to your marked line. Then slowly bring the plate up, which moves the grind line closer and closer to the spine until the sides match.


The bevel jig comes as a combo with the file guide, or as a stand-alone product here: LINK

28th Oct 2020 Bjorn J

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