Next Challenge: Micro Hammer-in!

Next Challenge: Micro Hammer-in!

Tonight on the Australian Beginner Knife Making Group: Micro Hammer-in Challenge Announcement!

Friday 16th of October

Tonight Jamie "SausageMan" Bishop announces the next Creative Man Challenge on the facebook group, micro hammer-ins on the weekend of 21st/22nd of November.

This is another initative to bring the knife maker/blacksmithing community together while we are in various versions of lockdown, with restrictions on what we can do regarding travel and group sizes. So the below will have to be adjusted to whatever works for you, in your area and regulations;

Micro Hammer-in Challenge:

  • Host or attend a hammer-in
  • Post on the facebook group if you are hosting, and how many people you can have attending
  • Post on the facebook group if you want jo join an event, and how you can help out at the event
  • Have the hammer-in on Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd of Nov
  • Post photos on the facebook group

This is a great opportunity to meet some more makers in your area and have a bit of fun.

There will be discount codes for all taking part, as well as a prize or two for those hosting an event. Details will follow on the facebook group.

Jamie is hosting the event and holding one of the micro hammer-ins on the day, we encourage you to take this opportunity to host one yourself, or reach out to someone else hosting one in your area.

This is a great opportunity for a tool swap, garage sale, bbq etc. 

Join the group here if in Australia or New Zealand: 

17th Oct 2020 Bjorn J

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