Review: EZESharpener system by Mark Parker

Review: EZESharpener system by Mark Parker

Mark has taken the time to learn the EZESharp system and has put his thoughts into the below review.

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The Ezesharp Blade Sharpener is exactly what it says it is. Easy. It is an economical way of getting a great edge on your blade. It is a bit fiddly to assemble, but once you get to know your rig you will find it gives feather touch control. 

The dial indicator is graduated to the finest degree. With both the blade holder dial and the height indicator, it’s easy to see the degrees required for your blade. From the experienced blade-smith to the beginner, Ezesharp Blade Sharpener is user friendly. The flip over clamp is great. It works well and holds your blade securely and accurately, and there are no counter-weight problems as I have experienced with my wet-stone grinder. 

The problem is the weight of the blade versus the weight of the handle, which can create problems for you. Not so, with the Ezesharp Blade Sharpener. What I also like is that it comes without batteries. No power required. The Ezesharp Blade Sharpener is a product that will, and is evolving to a higher quality and usability. The product manufacturers have given me great service with regard to my enquiries as to it’s operation and manufacturing. They are only too willing to help. I am happy with my purchase. 

My comments are: What a great thing it is to find a product in today’s market that does exactly what is said it can do.

The Ezesharp Blade Sharpener manufacturers, keep you in the loop as the product evolves, which means your rig will never be out of date. It’s versatile because you can take it with you and it requires no power. It will give you an edge that will cut to the bone, which I have experienced. Great product. 

The Ezesharp Blade Sharpener Deluxe Kit, comes with a Norton Bear lapping stone which is very versatile and of good quality. It will certainly give you the edge without a lot of effort. It’s not the most expensive lapping stone, but absolutely more than adequate. Unlike a wet-stone grinder, the Ezesharp stone in the rig can wear and it does not affect its performance; where as with a wet-stone grinder, it is essential to constantly dress your stone to keep it true for a good edge, because the wet-stone grinder does wear and get out of shape, requiring recalculations via computer programmes or special guages supplied by manufacturers to keep its quality of performance. 

The Ezesharp Blade Sharpener Cover is exactly that. It is a cover with a hidden pocket for accessories. As a cover it is excellent because it protects your rig. The position of the pocket for accessories in my opinion could be improved. The accessory jig, used for sharpening scissors to axes is a great idea which gives you an edge on your utensils, gardening tools and so forth. It works very well on the same principle as the knife sharpener.

Manufacturers of wet-stone grinders have adapted an accessory, the rail system, for the grinder. which is ancient and practical technology. Many have dismissed the ancient rail system, which is what the Ezesharp Blade Sharpener has evolved from. 

This has proved to be a great system and it still works today.


12th Aug 2019 Bjorn J

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