Bolster R24, Nickel Silver

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  • Bolster R24, Nickel Silver


Bolster R24, Nickel Silver

Nickel Silver version of the bolster R24.

The bolster is about 24 x 17 mm and 3 mm thick with a 2 mm slit.

These are stamped out and most blade/bolster combinations will need some work to fit together.

Filing the sides of the blade tang using a hand file or dremel is a good way to get a tigth fit.

Often the face of the bolster is sanded flat on a piece of glass or tile, then sanded to the wanted finish before being attached to the blade.

This is a lot easier than trying to sand it with the blade in.

Please note on page for the blade you are looking at, what the right bolster is.

These often come in a choice of brass or nickel silver.

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