Bolster R35, Brass

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  • Bolster R35, Brass


Bolster R35, Brass (35 x 18 x 3 mm, slit 3 x 12 mm)

Brass version of the bolster R35.

Bolsters is an easy way to get a good looking fit between handle and blade.

The handle piece can then have a bigger hole for the blade tang without this being visible.

The slit in the bolster is about 3 x 12 mm or slightly larger and the bolster is 3 mm thick.

These are stamped out and most blade/bolster combinations will need some work to fit together.

Filing the sides of the blade tang using a hand file or dremel is a good way to get a tigth fit.

Often the face of the bolster is sanded flat on a piece of glass or tile, then sanded to the wanted finish before being attached to the blade.

This is a lot easier than trying to sand it with the blade in.

Please note on page for the blade you are looking at, what the matching bolster is.

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