Brisa Farmer 95 Blade, Carbon Steel

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  • Brisa Farmer 95 Blade, Carbon Steel
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Brisa Farmer 95, Carbon Steel Blade

Blade from Brisa in Finland, this is a traditional Scandinavian belt knife blade. Carbon steel with black forge scale sides, sharp Scandi grind and a mid-sized sharp blade for all-around use. This is a longer version of the Farmer 80 mm blade and 10% thicker.

The blade is 3.6 mm thick, about 23 mm high and has 95 mm of blade length, total length is 220 mm. The tang is usually cut at half the handle length or longer before being epoxied in the handle. In the same style as Lauri and Polar Puuko blades, Brisa is a higher quality blade with precision ground edges and shoulders. Bolster is the R30 that will need to be filed to fit the 3.6 mm blade



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