Brisa Piili 85 Folder, Elmax and G10

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  • Brisa Piili 85 Folder, Elmax and G10
  • Brisa Piili 85 Folder, Elmax and G10
  • Brisa Piili 85 Folder, Elmax and G10
  • Brisa Piili 85 Folder, Elmax and G10
  • Brisa Piili 85 Folder, Elmax and G10
  • Brisa Piili 85 Folder, Elmax and G10


Brisa Piili 85 Folder  (G10 Scales, ELMAX steel)

The Piili 85 is the outcome of our collaboration with internationally awarded Finnish knife maker Jukka Hankala. His original Piili won the best folding knife category at Helsinki knife show in 2015. Since then, we have collaborated with Hankala, and made a factory version of his designer knife.

Over the years, the factory Piili has seen many updates and improvements. However the design has always followed Hankalas award winning lines. To look at this knife at a glance does not do it justice. Small discreet details and angles compose a subtle whole, which flows with the well-known understated Finnish design.

One detail among many is the long curved frame which shows just enough of the blade, to accent the ground down areas which bears the makers marks. These grinds also make the blade slightly rhombic, an ode to the traditional Finnish Tommi blade. The same thought continues with the high scandi grind and a small secondary bevel, which is a very traditional element in Finnish knives. While many details in this knife fall into designer elements, the super-steel Elmax blade is a testament that this knife is not a toy, nor a showcase item.

This knife grows on everyone. At a glance, it is as simple as any knife, but on closer inspection every part, every angle play a role in the complete context. In this modern, minimalistic design where the details will appear first after a closer look, Hankala brings the Finnish knife design to a new level. A true Gentleman´s folding knife.

Length: 210/115 mm
Weight: 110 g 
Blade length: 85 mm
Blade thickness: 3.25 mm
Steel: Elmax 
Grind: Scandi w sec bevel 
Finish: Satin Lock: Linerlock
Frame : Stainless 1.3 mm 
Clip: Stainless 
Washers: Bronze 
Screws: Torx 6 . Pivot Torx 8
Scales: Black G10


Hankala is one of Scandinavia's most awarded knife makers internationally. This is a production run from his original drawings, the handmade versions are sold for Euro 500. "Piili" is Finnish and means arrow. There is also a lake close to Hankala's home in Finland called Piili.

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