Copper pin for handles 3/16"

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  • Copper pin for handles  3/16"


Copper Pin, 3/16" for handle pins (4.76 x 200 mm )

Copper pin for using in knife handles, this is for one pin of length approx 200 mm and with a diameter of 3/16" (4.76 mm).

Using pins is a faster, easier alternative to corby bolts, resulting in the same look.

Copper is an attractive reddish metal, soft enough to easily work with hand tools. Either mirror polish or leave a matt finish from course sandpaper.

Drill a 3/16" hole in the handle block or scales, lightly sand the pin until it can be gently tapped in.

Then glue into handle block or scales when gluing together the knife, and file or grind to shape with the rest of the handle.

The one thing to be be careful of with bolts or pins is to not overheat the metal when shaping the handle, as the epoxy can release.


Example of a knife with copper plate spacer and copper pin in handle:



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