Curly Birch Standard, Scales x 2

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  • Curly Birch Standard, Scales x 2


Curly Birch Wood Knife Scales x 2 pieces

Curly birch is a pale hardwood, growing only in a narrow, cold band north in Scandinavia and Russia.

The "curly" in curly birch describes the twisted, curled grains.

Curly birch has a solid texture and easy to work, the twisted grain strucuture does not mean it will crack or split easily.

 These are not book matched, meaning you get 2 random pieces of curly birch.

Curly birch comes in 3 grades, based on the level of play and twists in the wood.

This is the "Standard" grade, mostly white or pale with some grain twists and bark inclusions.

Each grade makes an amazing piece when sanded and sealed.

It is more a question of how figured you prefer the wood;

the Standard grade having more white birch and the Exctreme grade have more of the colored "curly" grains and imperfections that make the pieces unique.


 The set has 2 scales, each scale is about 8-10 mm x 35-45 mm x 120 mm in size.

 See for more projects kits and pieces 

Example of an Enzo knife with Super grade curly birch handle scales:


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