D2 Blade Steel, 3.0 x 50 x 600 mm

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  • D2 Blade Steel, 3.0 x 50 x 600 mm


D2  Blade Steel 3.0 x 50 x 600 mm

D2 knife steel in "chef knife size".

D2 is known for very high abrasion resistance (high carbon and vanadium), meaning it holds an edge for a long time. D2 is a semi-stainless with 12% chromium which gives some protection against corrosion but not enough to be classified as a stainless steel.


C 1.48 % Si 0.42 % Mn 0.36% P 0.023% S 0.002% Cr 11.79 % Mo 0.75% V 0.75% Cu 0.14% Ni 0.1%

Forging: 1050 to 850°C Slow cooling in furnace or thermoinsulating material.

Annealing: 800 to 850°C Slow controlled cooling in furnace at a rate of 10 to 20°C/hr down to approx. 600°C, further cooling in air.

Stress relieving: 650 to 700°C Slow cooling in furnace. Intended to relieve stresses set up by extensive machining, or in complex shapes. After through heating, hold in neutral atmosphere for 1 to 2 hours.

Hardening: 1020 to 1040°C, holding time after temperature equalization 15 to 30 minutes. Air hardening steel, in still air. Obtainable hardness: 58 - 61 HRC.

Tempering: 2 hours x 2 at 200-205 C for 59-60 HRC

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