Damascus "RANDOM LADDER" billet, High-Layer, Large

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  • Damascus "RANDOM LADDER" billet, High-Layer, Large


Carbon Steel Damascus Billet: "Random Ladder" (330 x 50 x 4 mm)

Hand-made Carbon Steel Damascus, made in Donald, Victoria from 1080 and 15N20 carbon steels.

This is a high-layer billet approx 330 x 50 x 4 mm in size with more than 250 layers of forge welded steel.

Odins Arms have built on 900 year old techniques to perfect a process that delivers high-quality forge welded or "damascus" billets for pro makers. Trusted by Australian custom knife makers, the Odins Arms billets are known for solid welds and patterns that truly make your knife stand out from the competition.

Each billet is annealed and ready to forge or grind into shape, easy to heat treat from known, trusted steels and each billet is inspected before they leave the forge.

Odins Arms also does custom billet sizes and patterns on a pre-order basis in both blade steel and soft steels for guards and jewelry. 

This particular billet is in the "Random Ladder" pattern.

Please note these are hand-made individually and there will be variations in patterns and size but they are in this style. Each billet is over 3.51 cubic inches and bigger than 315 x 45 x 4 mm in size. This is a high-layer billet with between 250 and 600 layers.

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