EnZo Camper Knife Kit, Black Canvas Micarta

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  • EnZo Camper Knife Kit, Black Canvas Micarta
  • Note this is showing a completed EnZo Camper, not the kit as it comes out of the box.
  • EnZo Camper Knife Kit, Black Canvas Micarta
  • Note this is showing a completed EnZo Camper, not the kit as it comes out of the box.


EnZo Camper Knife Kit with Sheath (Black Canvas / Scandi Grind / D2)

This is one of the most complete kits we offer, where you will be making a full-size hunting knife.

This kit consists of 

  • High quality EnZo Camper 125 blade (5" blade)
  • Handle Scales, pre-shaped in 3D in Black Canvas Micarta
  • Red spacer material, going between the handle scales and the blade
  • Brass corby bolts with pre-drilled holes in the scales
  • Leather sheath, in thick Spanish leather

The Camper blade from EnZo is a very sharp, Finish blade with great edge geometry for cutting and penetration.

The longest blade in the EnZo family, shaving sharp out of the box.

The blade is about 3.6 mm thick, about 26 mm wide and has about 125 mm of blade. Total length is 245 mm including handle.

The blade is in D2 Carbon Steel, technically a carbon steel but with chromium content enough to be fairly corrosion resistant. Often called a "semi-stainless", D2 has a very high carbon content and exceptional wear resistance. In industrial use, D2 is an air hardening die steel with higher wear resistance but less corrosion resistance than stainless steels like 440C or 12c27.

The handle scales are in black canvas micarta, a trusted man-made material popular due to good tolerance against moisture and the elements.

The leather "bushcrafter" sheath is in rich, thick Spanish leather and holds the knife tightly by friction alone. 

This high-quality kit is 80% completed. 

Work required is to glue on the scales to the blade using Epoxy glue. In some kits the red spacer material is already glued to the scales, and in some kits this come as a loose item. If it comes loose in your kit, drill holes for the bolts and glue the spacer material to the handle scales. When the glue is dry, the spacer material can be cut to fit the handle scales using a sharp knife or file.

Securely screw down the Corby bolts, then file or grind off the bolt heads sticking above the handle scales.

Then sand the scales and finish them with oil, dye, wax or similar to seal them for improved durability. Or as these are micarta scales, a polishing mop/wheel will give an excellent finish.

The leather sheath is ready to use, in thick, Spanish oxe hide but can be wet shaped around the handle if desired.

 example of how the kit can be completed by attaching the scales, filing and sanding the bolts, sanding the scales and then polishing. Note this image is not showing the right sheath;



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