Helle Harding Blade, Stainless Steel

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  • Helle Harding Blade, Stainless Steel


Helle Harding Knife Blade

Stainless Steel blade, polised to mirror finish and with "Helle Norway" logo.

Helle has been making knives in the village of Holmdal on the west coast of Norway since the 1930s.

After a bit of a rough start expanding outside of the village, things picked up when they started bicycling the 500 km to Oslo to expand their customer base.

Today Helle export globally but still make everything in the village.


The Helle Harding blade is triple-laminated stainless steel with a hard, razor sharp cutting steel laminated in softer steel on the cheeks. This provides a strong, flexible blade.

Blade length is 100 mm, thickness is 3.1 mm and it is 23 mm high, total length including the tang is 220 mm. The bolster R35E (extended slit) can be filed to fit this blade.


A Helle Fjellman knife with curly birch handle:

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