J-Flex Belts, 2 x 48" (600 grit), 5-pack

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  • J-Flex Belts, 2 x 48" (600 grit), 5-pack


J-Flex Grinding Belts for All-around use (2 x 48"), 600 Grit

J-Flex belts have soft, forgiving backing for grinding curves and flowing lines. Great for finish handles and blade transitions, often used over-hanging the platen 5 mm to create a rounded edge to grind against. 

Will wear out quicker than the Ceramic and Zirconia belts, if used hard and generally used to clean up more than remove material. Grind to shape with ceramics for steel and zirconia for handle materials, then clean up with J-flex in 240, 400 and 600 grit.

A 5-pack of belts in 2 x 48" (50 x 1220 mm) in 600 grits for some of the final grinding of  blades and handles before going to hand sanding.


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