Juma TAC Marshland, Handle Scales x 2

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  • Juma TAC Marshland, Handle Scales x 2
  • Juma TAC Marshland, Handle Scales x 2
  • Juma TAC Marshland, Handle Scales x 2
  • Juma TAC Marshland, Handle Scales x 2


Juma TAC Marshland Handle Scales x 2   (10 x 40 x 120 mm)

One set of 2 handle scales, each 10 x 40 x 120 mm in size. 

Juma is a high-end handle material, made by the German company Elforyn. Combining mineral base materials with dyed resin products they create stunning looking pieces that truly make a project stand out. Juma is easily drillable, grinds well and polishes well due to high resin content. Warm to the touch with twirling "camouflage" like patterns or shells underneath the surface, these scales are brownish tan in colour.


Product information "Juma military scales"

JUMA is a high grade, modern raw material for the manufacture of components and works of art. JUMA consists of a mixture of different mineral base materials compounded with a resin component.

The essential characteristics of JUMA are:

- excellent mechanical machinability i.e. for drilling, milling, grinding and polishing,

- minimum breakage risk due to high coefficient of elasticity and homogenous structural composition,

- high-quality surface due to high surface hardness and minimal abrasion losses.

- resistant to all conventional substances such as cleaning agents, oils, greases, weak / medium acids and bases.

- very low water absorption (hydrolysis resistant). - possibility of thermal moulding in boiling water.

- can be polished or lacquer coated to manufacture polished or matt surfaces.

- pleasant to the touch due to good thermal properties.

We recommend a final finish / polish using buffing wheels and rubbing compound Mirka Polarshine C20 (MPC20K) followed by rubbing compound Mirka Polarshine T10 (MPT10K). For extra shiny end finish use Mirka Polarshine Liquid nano Wax (MPWG1).



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