Kydex for sheaths, Digital Camo 2 mm

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  • Kydex for sheaths, Digital Camo 2 mm


Digital Camo Kydex sheeth 2 mm thick, 29.5 x 30 cmm

The industry standard for hot molded sheath making, Digital Camo kydex in 2 mm.

This is a good thickness for knife sheaths, thick enough to be rigid but thin enough to show some detail.

The piece is approx 29.5 x 30 cm in size, made in the USA. Kydex is used where wanting a more rigid sheath than leather.

Heat the kydex with a heat gun or in a toaster oven until soft and press in kydex press around the knife.

Then drill holes and fasten with 1/4" kydex rivets before sawing or grinding to final shape. Sand edge smooth.

 This product is cell/smooth textured .080 gauge ACU Camo KYDEX®. This camo pattern is an exclusive product and is specifically created for thermoform molding.

ACU Camo is made from KYDEX® cell/smooth textured sheeting and features the camo design on the cell-side surface. ACU Camo pattern is not a film on the surface of the material, but is made from a proprietary process, exclusively developed for knife sheaths and other tactical sheaths. Our specially produced pattern does not fade or crack when formed and is highly durable under normal use. The base finish of ACU Camo KYDEX® sheet is semi-gloss and can be bead-blasted if matte finish is desired.

The ACU Camo design allows total pattern control over the entire sheath/holster surface. This is an important requirement for professional sheath and holster designers.

Material = KYDEX®
Gauge = .080 (2 mm)
Pattern = ACU Camo
Texture = Cell/Smooth

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