Leather, half tanned 15 x 20 cm

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  • Leather, half tanned 15 x 20 cm


Leather for one wet-formed sheath, 15 x 20 cm

German half tanned leather, the type used for Scandinavian and other wet shaped sheaths.

The leather is wetted in luke warm water, sown together and shaped around the knife.

While drying, rub the leather to shape and mould it.

When dry, it is very rigid and maintains the shape due to the rawhide core, securely holding the knife in place by friction alone.

This grade of leather is -as far as we know - not available locally in Australia, and is imported from Finland.

The leather piece is 2.5 mm thick and about 15 x 20 cm in size

This is enough for one sheath for a standard knife with a blade length of 6 - 12 cm.

This grade of leather is the premium quality used for pauting (leather modelling) by moving the leather around while drying.

For "pancake" type sheaths made by layering leather and sowing through the layers, this leather is possibly not the best choice due to being stiff.

For pancake style sheaths, use normal vegetable tanned leather which is often thicker and softer.


Example of wet shaped "Scandi" sheath by Bjorn Jacobsen, EnZo blade with stabilized poplar handle, :



Example of "pancake" style sheath in half tanned leather by Åge Fjeldberg, blade by his design, sheath folded and stamped:




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