Moose Antler button 10 mm x 3

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  • Moose Antler button 10 mm x 3
  • Moose Antler button 10 mm x 3
  • Moose Antler button 10 mm x 3
  • Moose Antler button 10 mm x 3


Moose Antler piece 10 mm long x 3 pieces

Moose Antler is larger and heavier than reindeer antler, often with little or no marrow and very solid. The pieces vary quite a bit in looks and size but are 25 mm or bigger on the smallest side and often with more defined spurs than reindeer antler. Meaning they often are not as round and even as reindeer antler.

This is 3 slices of Super Grade handle roll 10 mm or longer, and can be drilled, sanded and polished.

The diameter will be minimum 15-25 mm but often bigger.

These are for using as handle components on stick tang knives, traditionally mixed with Curly Birch or other paler coloured woods.

Moose or "Elg" in Norwegian are the biggest animal in the forest and hunted every autumn. By far the most dangerous animal to hit on the road as they are so tall that their legs are clipped and they come in, stopping in the back seat of the car while you were in the front..

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