Mora 150 Knife Making Kit (150 mm blade)

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  • Mora 150 mm blade
  • Silver Birch handle block (white birch wood)
  • Mora 150 mm blade
  • Silver Birch handle block (white birch wood)
  • Showing some different pieces to display level of twisted grain growth
  • this block has been wetted to show the grain structure better


Mora Knife Making Kit with 150 mm blade

Make your own custom knife with a classic scandi blade from Mora.

The kit consists of

  • Mora Carbon Steel blade, 150 mm long
  • Metal spacer piece, as bolster or handle inlay
  • Vulcanised fibre spacer inlay, see options for colours
  • Solid wood knife handle block in Silver Birch (see options for other woods)

This is a classic Scandinavian knife kit, and can be completed with simple hand tools.

Mora blades are made in Mora,Sweden, the maker has over a century of history in making these blades.

The blade is made from carbon steel of high hardness, laminated between sides of more flexible, soft steel.

This gives a very hard, sharp cutting edge (61 HRC),a strong flexible blade and allows for a thinner blade.

The blade blank is 2.5 mm thick, about 25 mm high and has about 150 mm of blade.

Total length from tip to end of tang is 265 mm, the tang can be cut to fit the handle if required.

Mora blades are well known amongst bushcrafters as good value, strong blades.

Customize the kit by selecting the handle material, spacer material and any optional add-ons.

Note that there is no matching bolster for the Mora 150 blade. One has to be created from the spacer piece of brass or nickel silver that comes with the kit, or from a thin section of the actual handle block.

To complete this kit you will need to

  • create a bolster by cutting off 5-20 mm off the handle block, drill and file until the blade fits tightly
  • cut the tang to size, with a file, hacksaw or dremel
  • cut off a piece of the spacer material and drill a hole for the tang (knife and cordless drill)
  • drill a hole in the wooden block for the tang (cordless drill)
  • glue blade, bolster, spacer and wood together with epoxy glue
  • shape the handle with a rasp, belt sander, or knife
  • Smooth the handle with sand paper
  • Optional finish: seal the handle with oil, wax or varnish


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