RWL 34, 3.5 x 38 x 500 mm, Damasteel

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  • RWL 34,  3.5 x 38 x 500 mm, Damasteel


RWL 34, 3.5 x 38 x 500 mm, Stainless steel from Damasteel

Stainless powder "super steel" from Swedish maker Damasteel.

Very high performing knife steel for experienced makers.

Details from the maker on history, composition and heat treatment:

Heat treatment summary:

  • can be forged with difficulty due to high resistance against deformation (read link for details)
  • Heat to 1080 C and hold for 8 min per 3.2 mm thickness
  • Quench in oil or air cool between plates (needs to go below 600 C within 2 min)
  • Optional: For increased hardness freeze blade 1.5 hours at -18 C or colder (home freezer)
  • Temper immediately after at 220 C for 2 hours for 59 HRC (read link for more details and options)

C: 1.05%, Si: 0.50%, Mn: 0.50%, Cr: 14.00%, Mo: 4.00% , V: 0.2%

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