Stabilised Brown Mallee Burl Block, Extreme Grade

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  • The middle block has been polished and oiled to show the figure and colour


Stabilised Brown Mallee Burl Knife Handle Blocks, Extreme Grade

Extreme quality Brown Mallee Burl knife handle blocks, Stabilised with Resinex for a high-quality result.

The pieces are from a burl, a deformation or growth on a tree resulting in twisted grains.

These twisted pieces, when still solid enough to use are prized by wood turners, knife makers and others looking for unique pieces of wood.

Each burl will be different and often within the same burl the scales or blocks cut will display different textures.

The blocks are nicely figured and will make great handles, each block is about 25 x 45 x 125 mm in size.

The middle block in the photo was polished and oiled to show the final colour and figure.

NOTE: Burl will have small cracks or holes, bark inclusions and other defects that are included free of charge. We have inspected and approved only blocks are seem solid and with minor issues only but these are natural burl and may have hidden issues.


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