Ticronic Heat Treatment Foil, 1 m

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  • Ticronic Heat Treatment Foil, 1 m


Tictronic Heat Treatment Foil (50 x 30 cm x 2 pieces)

 Ticronic™ is the foil brand that professionals use when heat treating their knife blades. It is designed to leave a blade nearly scale free when used in the heat treating furnace process. Excellent for use with any of the air-hardening tool steels and damascus. This is the same foil used by professional knife makers to keep the blades they heat treat scale free. It is rated for use up to a minimum of 1993 C.

Note the stainless steel tool wrap is a thick enough to have sharp edges, care is required when handling this product.

This is a product for experienced makers and generally not required for carbon steel blades or when grinding after heat treatment. More commonly used by high-end makers of folder blades and stainless steels that require extended hold times. As well as blades ground before heat treatment but can also be used on carbon steel blades.

Suggested process for heat treatment with foil:

  • Clean blade
  • Cut foil leaving 5+ cm around the blade on all sides
  • To reduce chance of foil sticking to the blade, add a piece of paper or sprinkle some baby powder on the blade
  • This burns out the oxygen trapped in the envelope to help reduce scaling and sticking
  • Fold edges over twice, a hammer or mallet is helpful to get a good closing envelope
  • Be careful with the corners and edges, these can be sharp
  • Leave blade in envelope during quench
  • If having issues with big blades sticking through the foil when handling the envelope, add a second layer next time.
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