Tosa Funayuki 165 mm, White #1

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  • Tosa Funayuki 165 mm, White #1
  • Tosa Funayuki 165 mm, White #1
  • Tosa Funayuki 165 mm, White #1
  • Tosa Funayuki 165 mm, White #1


Tosa Funayuki 165 mm, White Steel #1 

These are in White steel #1 blade and hand finished with some marks showing the unique blade heritage.

Japanese Funayuki blade in Tosa, Japan in  san mai construction with double bevels. Funayuki was traditonally a smaller santoku blade used on boats for fish and later found it's way into the kitchen. Sometimes called a straighter santoku with less belly.

Tosa is within Japan considered a traditional place for forging knives and tools, these are traditional blades made with a combination of industrial machines and hand-finishing.

The carbon steel blade has black or tempered finish meaning the spine of the blade is dark or black and not polished for some added corrosion protection and a unique rustic look. This will wear off somewhat with use.

 The high hardness of Japanese White #1 steel gives good edge retention qualities but will make these more brittle than Western chef knives. These should not be given as gifts to "non-knife people" as they will come back with chipped edges if not treated with respect. As all carbon steel blades they will patina over time in the kitchen and needs to be kept washed and dry between use.

Blade length is 165 mm and it is 45 mm high at the heel, total length with tang is about 260 mm.

These are unique blades for chefs who will appreciate the tradition and skill that has gone into creating rustic looking blades in high-performance blades and will not use these as a chopper. Each is unique and will have some marks or scratches showing as a result of being made partially by hand.

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